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Sept 27 & 28 | 2023

Anaheim, CA

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The Natural Disaster Innovation Awards

Recognizing proven innovators that are transforming different areas of the Risk Management and Disaster Prevention & Recovery industry.

Visitors will gain the upper hand in any competition with this amazing opportunity to carry their industry expertise into the future! A celebration of the tools, products, innovations, and services that have made a significant impact on the natural disaster industry in the past year, the Natural Disaster Industry Awards recognize outstanding achievements within the industry.

With three awards up for grabs at this year’s event, businesses and agencies will be nominated based on whose product, service, or strategy is having a massive impact and influence on the emergency service and natural disaster response and recovery marketplace. Our Industry Awards will select a handful of exhibitors that are providing unparalleled opportunities and solutions, helping prevention, emergency, and recovery professionals to establish an extremely profitable business.

Witness first-hand the future of emergency response and natural disaster prevention, mitigation, and recovery as a carefully selected panel of industry experts, thought-leaders and influencers will judge the nominees for the winner of the following awards:

Award Summaries:

Most Innovative Technology

Life-Saving Solution of The Year

Cost-Effective Mitigation Product of The Year

Most Innovative Technology

This award goes to an innovator that has demonstrated exemplary methods and solutions that result in improved management or prevention of damage inflicted by natural disasters, fundamentally bringing about change towards safer and better-prepared communities.

2022 Nominees

  • WingXpand


    Stand No: 395

  • Genasys, Inc.

    Genasys, Inc.

    Stand No: 155

  • Innovative Power Technologies, LLC. (IPT)

    Innovative Power Technologies, LLC. (IPT)

    Stand No: 446

  • Nexus Alpha

    Nexus Alpha

    Stand No: 673

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